Various Artists 03 (Gimenö, Edgar De Ramon, Mar Flores, Mikel Gil)

Gimenö through the magnificent ‘Tenshon‘ immerses us in a scifi and inflammable trip full of noise and distortion. Edgar De Ramon‘s ‘RTV2‘ is a fast-paced and dangerous techno device that, from its first beat, get you into a mental groove. ‘Raving Red‘ by Mar Flores is an industrial techno cut, with a hammer as a kick drum, futuristic sounds and acid sounds. Mikel Gil presents ‘Follow me‘, with an upward progression that ends up blowing up any dancefloor.


  1. Gimenö – Tenshon (Original Mix)
  2. Edgar De Ramon – RTV2 (Original Mix)
  3. Mar Flores – Raving Red (Original Mix)
  4. Mikel Gil – Follow Me (Original Mix)

Label: TUTU
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Various Artists 03
Format: EP
Release Formats: Digital
Release Date Digital: March 14th, 2022
Cat. No. TUTUVA03
Distribution: Pressology

Tracks previews and pre order link: soon at Bandcamp